Amazon Prime Forever

It is here folks! I finally get to share with you exactly why I love Amazon Prime and just how simple it makes my crazy life juggling 5 kids. Let me give you a few examples!!!

1. When your 15 year old says "Mom I need Pride and Prejudice by Friday for Lit class. 

Before Amazon : Ok, mmm when can I run to Barnes and Nobles in the next 2 days? Oh shoot you don't have it in the store?! Eeek! It will take a week to ship? 

After Amazon: Sure honey! Just ordered it on Amazon with one click and since we have PRIME it will ship for Free in 2 days! 

2. OMG It's Wednesday already and the twins have a b-day party on Sat!!! WHAT!?

Before Amazon: UGHHHHHHHH let's go to Target girls and get a gift for your friend! Oh, you don't want to be in the cart anymore!? You want just one toy... just a blind bag? Your starving!??? Gift $25 All the other things $25 AHHHHH

After Amazon: Alexa, what are the top toys for 2018? Add to cart! Delivered Friday! Perfect! 

3. My husband asks... "babe did you pick up those replacement parts for the dishwasher" 

Before Amazon: Ummmmm (***** I hate when I drop the ball and have to admit it) How can I sneak out and run to home depot without him knowing I forgot UGHH) ***disclaimer, in a perfect marriage, you could just admit that you had been binge watching "This Is Us" ***

After Amazon: Yes of course I did! I ordered them and they will be here in 2 days! (I may have forgot but just went to the bathroom and ordered it and since there is 2 day free shipping I am saved!) 

DO YOU SEE MY POINT YALL! The underlying theme her is... let Amazon save your @ss!!!! Haha! No but really... don't make things so stressful, save your gas and enjoy more time at home or doing other things than running a million errands! 

Sign up for a Free 30 day trial! Click the photo below so you can get all the PRIME Deals coming at you BELOW!



Glamping or camping whichever you prefer, the Coleman grill and Yeti cooler are essentials and way discounted on the Prime Sale! 




Self Tanner + White Teeth

Instantly become Summer ready with just 2 things! White teeth and sun kissed skin! Luckily my friend Tamra Hensley had a solution for both!!!! I have always loved supporting small businesses and especially women in business! Tamra is a busy mom and my "go to" for my whitening  toothpaste and Sunless Tanner! 

The Whitening Toothpaste comes in fluoride or without. It lightens teeth without peroxide while preventing cavities and plaque formation! Its a gentle minty vanilla flavor and it WORKS!  It is hard to find a teeth whitening system that doesn't require trays and bleach or cost a fortune! This whitening toothpaste does it all and is affordable lasting about 60 days! Here are our results after using the toothpaste for 60 days! You can also see some up close photos, including a little one! Yes works for them too! 


SOOO good right!? But... lets not forget the sunless tanner! You need both of these products to get the 1|2 combo to start your spring beauty routine off! 

Gone are the days of "tanning beds" especially with the link to skin cancer and continued rise in Melanoma related deaths. I am a survivor of skin cancer myself at age 28. The experience was emotional and scary, yet I am so thankful for what I was able to learn.  Watching how I eat, what I put on my skin and into my body are certainly a top priority for me and my family. 

Since I am no longer sun bathing with oil, you can find me under the canopy, covered in my favorite sunscreen and rockin a large brim sun hat! 


This is my personal before and after on my right leg only... you can really see the difference for sure! 

How To apply Sunless Tanner Vidoe

Watch the video below on how to apply sunless tanner for optimal results! Also, my review of this product is A+! There is no strange smell, it glides on nicely like a gel and has immediate but subtle results.  This sunless tanner is made with avocado oil and vitamins so it also moisturizes your skin. The key to good looking self tanner is how you apply it!!! Learn from the best in the video below! 

Tamra is offering A Life Mayd, a special bundle price if you order both the whitening and the sunless tanner! Message her directly to place your order and she will ship it right out! Super Simple. Click this link  




FRIDAY is finally here and so are our must haves for the week!

1. You don't need a ton of earrings, just a couple of intentional choices!. These two pairs take the cake! The first pair we are loving come in several colors and tassels are a perfect #justonething statement! 

The second pair are more edgy and if you follow our insta stories, you will see we are loving the double piercing "ear game!" 



2. Hair Masks are the perfect treat on the weekend. Usually I will shower and put in a mask while folding laundry and watching a cooking show with the kids! 

3. f your like me... keeping plants alive is no easy feat! These water bulbs are the perfect solution to a green thumb wanna be! 

4. Another "hack" for us plant moms, are these food spikes! Make it simple!!! 

5. Finally... this lavender hand soap is one of the best things I have ever smelled! When I tell my kids to wash their hands (100 times a day)... I love the wafting aftermath this aroma brings! Do yourself a favor and get some! 

Currently Wearing Shorts

Styling shorts can be frustrating! Now that we are NOT 18, finding the right lengths and age appropriate styles does not come without many try on sessions and scouting! Over the years, I have continued to be impressed with American Eagle! They are a mid range price point and have great pieces for tweens (more on that later) but also for us! I can only wear about 20% of the store, but that 20% is worth it every time and especially when looking for shorts! Your in luck!  AE is offering buy one get one 50% off + tons of styles, lengths and color choices! 

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 8.25.53 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 8.26.29 AM.png


SHORTS - American Eagle 

CROSS BODY BAG - Mushroom Cross Body



SHORTS - american Eagle 

TOP - zara  (only red available) 




SHORTS - American Eagle 

NECKLACE - Covet diamond small A 


KIMONO OPTION - black with lace detail


You nailed it!

I have a confession to make... I LOVE nail polish!  So much that my best friend's dad gave me a Caboodle in high school to store them all.  Oh the joy it would bring me to go to CVS and pick from the wall of is the one thing in life that I can make a quick decision for.  I know that I can simply change the color tomorrow if Im not feeling it anymore.  Obviously those days of having nothing to do but paint your nails are long gone... so here are my tricks for a fast manicure that will look like you just stepped out of the nail salon. 

1. Soak your nails for a few minutes or get them wet while you shower :)

2. Push back your cuticle using one of these.



3. Apply this all around nail. I do both hands and leave it on for a minute (nothing takes 15 secs) wipe it off with a dry wash cloth.

4. File nails if needed. I like to use this four way buffer on the top of my nails. I just use the step one or two. I don't want my nails to be too smooth because the polish won't stay on.

5. Wash hands and apply this to nails like you would polish.

6. Apply base coat

7. Apply 2 coats of color. These are my go to colors!

8. Apply quick dry top coat.

And for those of us that aren't great at coloring in the lines...just use a sugar scrub later that day. 

And now for the wholly grail product..... This product is a MUST and will make my polish last a week!  I apply this to my nails the next night and the maybe every other night or every third night after that.  It is thin and it dries fast.  Thats really the trick with all of the products...if the polish is old and thick it will take forever to dry and no one has time for that. I am usually doing 5 things at a time, so I spread the steps through out the day.  I will prep my nails in the morning and use the Bondaid and polish when i get in bed at night. I hope this helps!  Maybe all of those times I begged my mom to take me to CVS did teach me a few tricks!

And for all of those girls with dry feet...this is something I am trying out!

Hello, World!




D E A L  A L E R T  

I am so excited about this deal!!! Let me show you how to start building a smart and fashionable summer wardrobe with just 5 pieces! Being on set and styling some of your favorite Celebrities has taught me how to use simple tweaks that will make all the difference! You don't need MORE things you need the RIGHT things! For less than $300 you can add these 5 pieces I have selected and create multiple looks with intention! 


#1 - Choose one of these amazing tank tops. Always start with a classic basic. This will allow you many options and save you time and money! I ordered BOTH of these, because I will style each one differently and allow for an edgy vibe or a throw to Miami, which I am really into this season! Either piece can be styled within any style class (style classes on pinterest) !  The sizing goes up to 2x on these, which also makes my job much easier! 

#2 - Choose one of these statement accessories. Everyone needs a sun hat and Kimono. Both pieces can be used at the pool and every day wear. Now you have a tank top and a great statement piece to create a fashionable look.  The sun hat is a go to for messy hair days, poolside sun block and a #justonething pull it together option! The Kimono is fantastic as a throw over day or night, or at the pool. Neutral options can last multiple seasons, which again saves you money! 

#3 BAGS BAGS BAGS! My favorite thing about a great bag is it serves MANY purposes and makes style SIMPLE! Throw on your new white tank + white denim add the gold bag and your done! EASY! The black and white beach bag is perfect for a quick overnight, day at the pool or playdate with your littles! 

#4 BOLD Accessory! Each season you need a couple stand outs! Sunglasses play that part and of course a statement necklace! Choose one of these... or both! 

#5 THE BEST PART!!! Choose one of these tassel earrings for only $9.99 when you spend $100! WHAT??? So... add 4 essential pieces to your summer wardrobe and get the 5th for $9.99!!! PLUS $5.95 flat rate shipping!!!! GUYS!!!! 


The dreaded swimsuit try on!!! Not sure about you... but my experience usually includes a lot of sweat, questioning the lighting and having way more "NO WAY" moments than YES! Guess what? We did this part for you and have found the top one pieces of the summer! They are slimming, trendy and will keep you out of the "mom swim" category! Click the photos to shop and tag us from your pool or beach this summer! #alifemayd 

Spring Travel Essentials

I love packing my clients for Spring Break or summer travel! There is nothing that takes the stress away more than a minimally packed, perfectly executed travel wardrobe! I have a system to create multiple ways for you to wear your pieces effortlessly! Below is what I am packing for a 3 day mini vaca... these pieces are all transitional (meaning you can wear them from beach, to lunch to night and also into all seasons).

My favorite collection of covet chic accessories are shown below too! Everyone needs these layering pieces in their accessory collection. Click the photos to shop!!!! Happy Traveling! 


Splurge Vs Steal - Target Does It Again

We are always looking for a great deal! There are some things you SPLURGE on and some you don't need to! I have clients who really value quality and if that's you ... go for the higher end option... if your like me and want to add new on the regular, don't splurge... spend less and get the same vibe! 

Target Emery Espadrille Sandal $32.99 Buy one get one 50% off right now! 

Marc Fisher Alida Espadrille Sandal $149.95

Target Metallic Flat $19.99 BOGO 50% off now 

Jeffrey Campbell Metallic Flat $69.95