Self Tanner + White Teeth

Instantly become Summer ready with just 2 things! White teeth and sun kissed skin! Luckily my friend Tamra Hensley had a solution for both!!!! I have always loved supporting small businesses and especially women in business! Tamra is a busy mom and my "go to" for my whitening  toothpaste and Sunless Tanner! 

The Whitening Toothpaste comes in fluoride or without. It lightens teeth without peroxide while preventing cavities and plaque formation! Its a gentle minty vanilla flavor and it WORKS!  It is hard to find a teeth whitening system that doesn't require trays and bleach or cost a fortune! This whitening toothpaste does it all and is affordable lasting about 60 days! Here are our results after using the toothpaste for 60 days! You can also see some up close photos, including a little one! Yes works for them too! 


SOOO good right!? But... lets not forget the sunless tanner! You need both of these products to get the 1|2 combo to start your spring beauty routine off! 

Gone are the days of "tanning beds" especially with the link to skin cancer and continued rise in Melanoma related deaths. I am a survivor of skin cancer myself at age 28. The experience was emotional and scary, yet I am so thankful for what I was able to learn.  Watching how I eat, what I put on my skin and into my body are certainly a top priority for me and my family. 

Since I am no longer sun bathing with oil, you can find me under the canopy, covered in my favorite sunscreen and rockin a large brim sun hat! 


This is my personal before and after on my right leg only... you can really see the difference for sure! 

How To apply Sunless Tanner Vidoe

Watch the video below on how to apply sunless tanner for optimal results! Also, my review of this product is A+! There is no strange smell, it glides on nicely like a gel and has immediate but subtle results.  This sunless tanner is made with avocado oil and vitamins so it also moisturizes your skin. The key to good looking self tanner is how you apply it!!! Learn from the best in the video below! 

Tamra is offering A Life Mayd, a special bundle price if you order both the whitening and the sunless tanner! Message her directly to place your order and she will ship it right out! Super Simple. Click this link