It’s rare to meet people who are talented, passionate, driven, and humble. Yet, when you do it’s a breath of fresh air.  That is exactly what our founder Ahndea is…a breath of fresh air! This woman can light up a room but what makes her unique is how she can light-up people’s hearts. We’re excited for you to meet her.

Ahndea is on the pulse of the latest trends, has a canny knack for fashion, and is damn good stylist. She calls this her “creative gene”, one she inherited from her Mom. Ahndea fell love with fashion at a young age. Growing  up in Illinois, her mom was a runway and print model out of Chicago. Her Mom would design and hand make clothing for Ahndea and her two sisters, they even hit the runway as a family.  Not only did she fall love with fashion at a young age, she has been honing her craft from young age. 

Ahndea’s journey  of battling insecurity, embracing imperfection, overcoming tragedy, accepting grace, and facing life’s challenges head on is why she launched her own business in 09.   As a little girl her Dad would make her feel like a "once in a lifetime kind of girl.” She lost her Dad tragically at the age of 14, and from that day forward she committed to live a life of purpose.  Ahndea has a skill but she believes, talent without passion and purpose is empty. This passion to live a life of purpose is the foundation of her business. 

Ahndea loves fashion but even more she loves using fashion and styling to help woman become fully alive and find their true identity and truth about themselves. This is reflective in all her work whether she is styling celebrity covers, hosting style events with major retailers, personal closet edits, creative branding for small businesses, art directing a music video, or designing custom apparel. Whatever project Ahndea is on, her passion and purpose is woven through all of it.  

The team she has built believes every woman is a ONCE in a lifetime kind of woman, "mayd" for greatness." We are not just another branding boutique or online fashion pit stop…our goal is to set women on fire on the outside to help them believe they can become who they were created to be on the inside.

Our founder Ahndea wears many hats in any given day but none more important than being a Mom to her 5 little ones and a wife to her high school sweetheart. She makes plenty of mistakes and knows she is a work in progress.  She leans on grace, lives on hope, and survives on coffee! She believes the greatest example she can set for her kids is not to be an everyday woman but to be a woman on fire and woman on a mission to leave her mark on the world.  

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