I began my love for style as a little girl walking the runways of local fashion shows with my mom and 2 sisters. Playing dress up while attempting to balance books on our heads was the best kind of fun for 3 little girls.  I remember many trips to the fabric store, hiding in between the rows of brightly colored patterns as she would be piecing together coordinating jumpers, corduroy bubble pants and vests. As a young girl my mom pursued her dream and lived in the city while modeling in Chicago and teaching at Patricia Stevens modeling school.  Then moving to Rockford to raise a family and coaching local aspiring models on how to be something... or someone with a dream. It didn't take long to see how the influence of my family's story would begin to weave it's way into becoming the layers of what is now my passion and business. 

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After losing my dad at 14, I made the choice to not allow the pain to dictate my future. I was blessed enough to have some amazing people around me who shared God's grace and love for me. I began spreading that love and helping young women to become confident in who God had designed them to be.  Leading, teaching, mentoring and encouraging was the focus of my high school and early college years, serving at the deaf and hearing impaired center, special needs facilities and our local church. The more I gave the more I healed, the more I loved others the more joy I felt. 

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"My Yia Yia was a whip, a style icon, fashion collector and accessory obsessed"

The relationship with my Yia Yia (Lola) is what truly taught me there are no limits to fashion, it is not what you wear as much as how you are wearing it, confidence could pull off just about anything! Don't mess with an 89 year old in 2 inch platform heels, a purple velour blazer and matching beret. Lola, fancy that, was a thrift stores dream, she would visit daily and stock pile as much as she could fit in her old wine colored caddy while jamming out to "Bad To The Bone." This strong, confident, quirky woman has left a legacy to live on. Confidence isn't just about your inner belief but how you carry yourself and part of that is your image. Finding what represents you best... your style story. I have enjoyed coaching and image consulting for state and local pageant contestants, wardrobe styling and being the friend you "go to" for style advice.


In 97 I married my high school sweet heart and best friend Nate. Our adventure began moving us to Atlanta, GA where we worked for renowned leadership author John Maxwell. Learning the fundamentals of leadership in business from one of the best in the business added such value and experience. I focused on client relations, contract management, and systems. Four years of amazing relationships, growth and first hand education.

Now with 5 children, yes 5, Ainsley 10, Anden 8, Abryn 6, and 1 year old twin girls Adie & Arlie my desire for a creative outlet grew. In early 2010 I partnered up with a local photographer and began wardrobe styling as well as overall conceptual styling including hair and make-up.  Piecing together the unexpected and hand making accessories to complete the looks became my trademark. After our Yia Yia passed away at 89 years old our family inherited generations worth of family heirlooms that had been collected for over 50 years.  All hidden away in her little black and white house at 1007.  Stuffed wall to wall with clothes, coats, fabrics, shoes, hats, jewels, ornate furniture, purple and red velour drapes, red hanging crystals, glass vases, Greek statues, simply endless. There were many stoic moments the weeks and months it took to dig through these treasures in masks, with flashlights, uncovering newspapers from the early 1900's, thousands of handwritten letters, stories, her stories of pain and joy, drawings, paintings and her absolute favorite thing... the recorder. She would tape herself talking at every holiday handing us each the little microphone to say a word or two. Always convincing me to sing for her or play the piano as she snuck a dollar in my pocket, every time.  Oh Yia Yia, my sweet Yia Yia, I hope to carry on your story and someday hear again... "May God be between you and harm and all the empty places you must walk" Lola Weber.